Oracle “Committed” to Java EE

It appears that Oracle’s recent (over 6 month) drop-off in Java EE commits has all been a show, at least according to The Register. Oracle spokesman Mike Moeller has sought to quelch any fears that Oracle has ceased work on Java EE, stating that there is a plan for the future of Java EE in the works. “Oracle is working closely with key partners in the Java community to finalize the proposal and will share the full details with the broader Java community at JavaOne in September.”

That’s all well and good, except that a year ago Oracle had put together efforts to create its own proprietary enterprise-friendly Java runtime and API to replace Java EE. This runtime would be exclusively controlled by Oracle, and would mean that development would no longer be shared amongst the community.

Java EE needs to be a standard, and Oracle is treating it as a product.

[The Register]

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