i’m not dead.

I’ve been a very busy student. HTML5 experimentation has had to be placed on the backburner for a while, but summer has arrived again providing time to do what I love once again.

In my boredom during some classes I’ve still had some opportunity to put together this nice little bit of code.
It’s a Google Now Card! (kinda)

I think its quite obvious that I have an affinity for the designers over at the Googleplex, and Google Now isn’t safe from my affections. Placing useful information into simple and clean sections is one of my favorite types of designing.
Another one of my favorite aspects of Google Now is the subtle rounding of the corners on the cards.

My plan is to be able to use AJAX like before to load up custom “Google Now”-type pages that display information in a similar fashion. If I can do this, I’d like to release it as a custom homepage app for Chrome (if Google itself doesn’t beat me to it).

Also, and this is a biggie, I realized the site got hacked. I came back from my hiatus to find ads for nefarious things. I am updating security measures now, hopefully this will never happen again.

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