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Your Morning Java

As I continue to expand my coding abilities, I have started a blog illustrating the latest news in Java. You can find it at [Your Morning Java] I am shifting away from design and more...


logo/identity: Computer Assist, LLC.

On March 8, Computer Assist, LLC. came to me looking for a logo they needed ASAP. I was given a timetable of about a week, and a *cough* few pages of rough sketches reflecting...

Net Data Direct Inc. 0

blueshift local website.

I was hired to create a WordPress-based website for BlueShift Local Inc. (now Net Data Direct Inc.), a Washington DC startup specializing in data-gathering.

i’m not dead. 0

i’m not dead.

I’ve been a very busy student. HTML5 experimentation has had to be placed on the backburner for a while, but summer has arrived again providing time to do what I love once again.

eMetro image gallery. 0

eMetro image gallery.

version 1.0 Work on the Ajax-utilizing, jQuery-powered, Metro-inspired image gallery is complete. I apologize that, in its current state, it isn’t exactly plug-n-play. In the future, I’d like to simplify things. I will continue...

metro inspired gallery wip. 0

metro inspired gallery wip.

“Metro” style has been very big recently, and with good reason. Its minimalist style suits current trends in trying to simplify and declutter design. With this in mind, I thought it would be a...

the blog is dead. 0

the blog is dead.

… Long live the blog! This is my new website. Have a look around. I felt it was time for a really big change in my design image. Gone are the online entities like...