The Game of Life

Having just finished Week 11 of The University of Helsinki’s MOOC (at [], I highly suggest it by the way), I believe I now have a very firm understanding of the Java ecosystem. And...


Oracle “Committed” to Java EE

It appears that Oracle’s recent (over 6 month) drop-off in Java EE commits has all been a show, at least according to The Register.


Your Morning Java

As I continue to expand my coding abilities, I have started a blog illustrating the latest news in Java. You can find it at [Your Morning Java] I am shifting away from design and more...


Oracle Threatens Future of Java

A case of business as usual for Oracle Corporation as pulled funding and development efforts drive the community-loved technology into stagnation.


logo/identity: Computer Assist, LLC.

On March 8, Computer Assist, LLC. came to me looking for a logo they needed ASAP. I was given a timetable of about a week, and a *cough* few pages of rough sketches reflecting...

Net Data Direct Inc. 0

blueshift local website.

I was hired to create a WordPress-based website for BlueShift Local Inc. (now Net Data Direct Inc.), a Washington DC startup specializing in data-gathering.

i’m not dead. 0

i’m not dead.

I’ve been a very busy student. HTML5 experimentation has had to be placed on the backburner for a while, but summer has arrived again providing time to do what I love once again.

dabblet. 0


I know I haven’t been posting a lot. To be quite honest, I haven’t had much time to play around with the web as of late. I have, however, found a nifty little web...